• luemob


    Learning to work, working to learn. Busy building bridges, not burning them.

  • Vitaly Sidorok

    Vitaly Sidorok

  • Coinapult


    Secure Bitcoin wallet, merchant service, and liquidity provider. Get your wallet at www.coinapult.com

  • Joel John

    Joel John

    Principal at LedgerPrime.

  • Tin Kit Li

    Tin Kit Li

    Male, Chinese, Interests: Philosophy, Science, Internet, Technologies, Human's mind email: http://t.co/uwf3BtywXW@gmail.com

  • Dave Kajpust

    Dave Kajpust

    Blockchain Engineer. Previously @ The Graph. Tweets at https://twitter.com/davekajpust

  • Lunati Qrypto

    Lunati Qrypto

    sailing crypto

  • Finn McCall

    Finn McCall

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